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Here is what some reviewers from major magazines have to say about his music.

"Canadian singer-songwriter Bob King has written some of the funniest, most original tunes that the kids' music genre has to offer.  King's knack for an infectious melody is as appealing as his one-of-a-kind lyrics".
-Family Fun Magazine  (Disney Corp.)
"He has a great ear for melody and an uncommon ability to take simple words
and combine them in just the right way to make a good lyric."     

-  Today's Parent Magazine


Snow Shovellin Man Video




Well, wintertime is here and you're probably wondering if there is going to be a good song out about snow shoveling this season. In fact, there is such a song and it is called ' Snow Shovelin Man '. It is one of the new songs on Bob's new album 'King Sized Hits'. This CD is a collection of some new songs and some older songs that people often ask for. The songs are a mixture that will appeal to both young and old. Order one for Christmas. Order two. And there are still copies of the Christmas album available. Ten bucks each plus $3 postage.

Email bob.sandwiches@gmail.com


The Bob King Christmas album "Follow The Star is now available. 
To order send a cheque for $15.00 plus $300 shipping made out to Bob King to box 186, Pense, Saskatchewan, Canada S0G 3W0. 



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Land of Bob's National Athem - Song by Magan King with the Land of Bob's Symphony Orchestra

Hear ye!  Hear ye!  The king of all Bobs has made a proclamation to announce the release of his new CD 'The Land of Bobs' and he invites people everywhere to buy the album AND, if possible, consider officially changing your name to Bob, in order that the name Bob does not become extinct.  If you have not noticed, nobody gets named Bob anymore and King Bob feels this is a cause for concern.  his kingdom is shrinking.  Please help if you can and insure the preservation of that honorable name.  NOTE:  CHILDREN WILL NEED A SIGNED PERMISSION SLIP FROM A PARENT OR GUARIAN TO DO THIS. 

If you want to experience a taste of what it is like to live in the Land Of Bobs, you can order this CD by sending a cheque or money order for $15.00 (plus $3.00 postage) made out to Bob King to: Box 186, Pense, Saskatchewan, Canada  S0G 3W0  Keep in mind that this CD makes the perfect gift for the Bob in your life. Order now and receive a free 'Hello, my  name is Bob nametag'.


TEACHERS:  Please check out the Educational package which features many fun songs about school and has many songs about principles of character education.



Bob King is a Canadian songwriter and family entertainer and a certified teacher who has been entertaining both children and adults for over thirty years now.  He gives concerts in schools all across Canada and the U.S.A.  Bob's elementary school shows last about one hour and are geared for children k - 8.  (yes, grade eights enjoy it too.)   He also does a seperate show for high schools

Bob's elementary show is a combination of music, theatre, humour and principles of Character Education and positive youth development.  Bob believes in the importance of sending good messages to kids, but he also believes that you must first win them over by showing them that you know how to have fun.  He says, "they've got to like you if they are going to listen to you on important matters that will help them to make good choices.  They need to know that you know how to have fun.".  If anyone's songs and performing skills can do that, it is Bob King's.  His songs are imaginative and clever and sometimes even a little bizzare.  That is why children love him and the teachers at the schools where he has performed will attest to that.

Children know many of Bob's songs such as 'Sandwiches are Beautiful' (recorded by various artists) and 'Brother For Sale' (recorded by Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen).  Both songs have sold in the millions.  His picture book 'Sittin On The Farm' also  sold worldwide and was translated into several different languages. 

Free CDs are available to schools who book Bob for a show so that the children can familiarise themselves with the music.    A show description and a description of his optional songwriting workshops (for grades 4-6) are available upon request.

Children and teachers love Bob King's songs because they are catchy, clever, fun and safe.  He has been nominated for a Juno award and has won the 'Just Plain Folks' award for best children's album in the United States in 2001.  In 2005 his album 'Rock and Roll Teachers' won the Outstanding children's award at the Western Canadian Music Awards.  Book now if you want to have this internationally known Canadian songwriter perform at your school.   For references and a touring schedule, please checkthe touring & references menu items.  The cost for a concert is very reasonable (as low as $350 per show) and for bookings you can email Bob at bobbyk@thenewpaths.com or phone (306)345-2804.  For bookings in Winnipeg and surrounding area, please call Alison Simard at (204)782-0659 or fax (204) 282-0469.  


Comments from teachers:

"I've been teaching at this school for thirty years and I have never seen the children so attentive to a presentation." 
- Pauline Hill from Raymond Alberta

"Bob King does not sit around and sing Little Rabbit Foo Foo. 
He takes the children on a musical adventure that they will not soon forget."
-  Dale Thomson (Regina Sun) 

"The performance was a ten out of ten." 
- John Millne from Lord Nelson school in Winnipeg

"The children were enthralled"
- Jacqui Hollod from Teulon School in Manitoba

"The teachers enjoyed the show as much as the kids."
- Mrs Froment from Glenwood school in Winnipeg

"The children were mesmerised for the whole hour."
- Ms. Susan Eade Gladys Speers School, Oakville, ON

"Our guidance counsellor bought the character education kit and one CD for each classroom.  The songs are clever and very catchy." - Mr. Ted Toogood, principal from Whiteridge school in Winnipeg.


Bob's albums are listed both under the 'Albums' menu title where you will find many songs that are catchy and fun and imaginative.  Under the 'Education Package" title you will find three "school related music.  The albums listed there are not only educational but fun and entertaining as well and offers wonderful music for children of all ages. 

For more information please email Bob at: bobbyk@thenewpaths.com